Cajuns used their porches for entertaining their large family gatherings. This lovely century old home is no exception. Twilight time at Aaah T'Frere's House is enjoyed by guests on this beautiful glass enclosed porch overlooking the garden. T'Juleps and Cajun Canapes served on the gallery begin the evening. While "la Maison's" cajun hosts regale the sojourner with endless possibilities to "laissez le bon temps rouler" in the Attakapas country their ancestors came to call home.
The 1800 Mallard bed, is signed by C.Lee, a priceless Louisiana antique and the centerpiece of the Mary Room . Like the Mary Room, all eight of the bedrooms are resplendent with their own charm. Each uniquely different. Each beautiful. Like Grandma's house, it is hard to choose which is a favorite among guests. They are all special, and all have private baths, of course.
The downstairs Leah Room is a retreat from the busy world. Comfy, cozy and quite inviting the dreamer to step back in time and enjoy your rest in this half canopy 1880 double bed.
leahroom.gif leahroom.gif
The upstairs 1890 Room boasts of two antique iron double beds and can sleep four. It is a great "giggly girls room" for friends and families.
The upstairs Garden Room with dark green walls and antique white wicker furniture are complimented by a king size Twig bed. The privacy of an upstairs bedroom gives this room a romantic appeal.
Nestled in "Les Jardin D'enarriere" (the gardens behind the house) is the Garconniere. Built for the young men of the house to entertain their friends, it was the perfect gathering place for an all night card game of Bourree, or after an evening of dancing at the Fais do do.
Today, the two rooms housed in the Garconniere are affectionately called The Bourree and the Fais Do Do Rooms.
The Fais Do Do Room of hearts and flowers are the whimsical feeling of the queen size bed. Adorned with an old fashion hand knotted canopy, it beckons the bride to make her dreams come true.
The Bourree Room has a king size pencil post bed; walls of briquette entre Poteau (brick between posts) and bousillage (clay moss white wash). Old fashion quilts and all the amenities that privacy demands are the inspiration for this boudoir.
The Louisiana Room is tucked away in the main house behind the big kitchen and with a beautiful view of the side yard. This Louisiana charmer is done in soft shades of blue and white with lots of greenery. A queen size bed assures the visitor a restful stay.
A queen sized sleigh bed crowns this downstairs bedroom in the main house. The Mardi Gras Room, light with airy greens and whites, is accentuated with colorful Mardi Gras memorabilia. A beautiful view of a lush landscape accentuates this born in Louisiana retreat.